Property Pre-Qualification

What is a Property Pre-Qualification?

In real estate transactions, buyers are usually asked to 'pre-qualify', as proof to sellers that they are ready and able to purchase a property.  What if a property could be pre-qualified, as proof that it is ready and available to be sold?  It can, and that is exactly what a property pre-qualification is!

WHY would a seller choose Property Pre-Qualification?    
  • makes a property more competitive
  • can help avoid/reduce further negotiations once you are under contract.  When you are selling, further negotiations are not going to be in your favor.
  • eliminates guess work buyers may have
  • decreases the amount of time between Contract & Close

THE RESULT:  Sell your property more quickly at a higher price!

A Property Pre-qualification package INCLUDES:

  • Full professional property inspection Report (with warranties that transfer to the buyer, including a 5 year roof warranty)
  • Title commitment
  • Municipal lien search (includes permits, code violations)
  • HOA/Condo documents
  • Insurance Analysis (includes approximate cost of home insurance for buyer)
  • Mortgage Analysis (types of loans available)
  • Existing Owner’s Policy (if available from seller)
  • Existing Survey (if available from seller)
  • Property Profile
  • Official Property Pre-Qualified Sign Rider
I am happy to be one of the few agents in our area offering sellers the option to choose a pre-qualification for their property.  Please contact me to learn more.