When it comes to home decor, mirrors can be a magical design tool. They can brighten a dark room. They can make a tiny space look much bigger. 

But you shouldn't hang mirrors just anywhere. Decorating with mirrors comes with a few rules, some of which pertain to feng shui, or the art of using space and alignment in the home to promote good energy, and some of them simply pertain to simple standards of common sense or good taste.

Keep the following do's and don'ts in mind when working with mirrors:

1. Don't hang mirrors where you sleep

2. Don't place a mirror opposite the front door

3. Don't hang a mirror above a fireplace (or anywhere too high)

And here are things you should do with mirrors:

1. Do max out your use of floor mirrors

2. Do pretend your mirror is a window

3. Do display a mirror in the dining room

4. Do use multiple mirrors in the bathroom

5. Do use mirrors to showcase a beautiful view

To read the full article that includes helpful photos and explanations for each suggestion, click here.  Article posted at Realtor.com by Jennifer Geddes, Aug. 11, 2017.